Information for Members:

- EVENTS 2024:

Mon April 15th
Peter Barker RSMA is booked for another Demonstration at our art session on Monday 15th April 2024 10.30am - 12.30. Peter will demonstrate in either oils or pastels
his incredible expertise. Members £2 on entry, guests and friends £3.

May 13 - 25 Stamford Arts Centre Exhibition
This exhibition needs a simple horizontal hanger cord on the back of each artwork - of any age. Entries requested around first week of April.

Sep 30 - Oct 5 Oakham Victoria Hall Exhibition
This exhibition needs brass "frame plates" screwed either side about two-thirds of the way up the artwork's frame, to enable fixing to walls.
Frame plates are found in DIY stores or in the DIY section of the QD store in Oakham's Church Street. Or at Martyn the framer's (below).
Also we need Stewarding volunteer pairs in shifts in the hall - maybe invite a friend to help - no experience needed.

- Membership Subscriptions:
Are payable half-yearly @ £50 on 1st April and 1st October. You can pay by cheque at the next Monday Art session after those dates,
or by bank transfer to Oakham Art Group 40-35-21, account 61199994. (You can wait until a Group email requesting subs is sent out).

- OAG 2025 Calendar entries and deadline:
Entries are invited around mid-June, submitted by email, max 2 per Member. The subject title must relate to a named place in Rutland, but can
be an animal or bird etc, as long as a place name is included. Each entry must be pictured unframed, preferably unsigned, and in landscape
format (not portrait upright). Pictures illustrating seasonal aspects are particularly welcomed

- Recommended artwork framing - Martyn Morgan of M&H Framing (based in Mansfield) with his van and stall are to be found most Wed & Sat mornings in Oakham
Market Place somewhere near Cafe Nero. Very skilled, good choice of frames, reasonably priced. Mobile 07721 519871

- Demonstrations & Workshops planned in 2024:
- Peter Barker RSMA of Uppingham (pastels or oils demonstration)
- Phil Biggs of Spalding (watercolours workshop)
- Andrea Naylor formerly of Whitwell (pastels workshop)

- Outings and Summer Lunch:
Coach outing organised by Welland Valley Art Society of Stamford to art galleries in London on a Sunday in the summer (any details to follow)
Summer lunch at Rutland Water Golf Club again to be held in June or July (details to follow)

- How to get your Artworks into your own online gallery (under Artworks above)::
- EITHER bring your artworks, framed or unframed, to a Monday art session and ask Bruce to photograph them on his iPad for processing
- OR attach them three or four at a time to emails and send to Bruce for processing, along with title and medium used. They can be of any age.

- Art tuition DVDs library
The Group has a store of about 50 art DVDs (and we can lend you a player to attach to your TV).
Lists of the subjects and tutor artists are available at our art sessions, together with a sign-out sheet.