Below: Exton Hall, Exton, Rutland. Watercolour by Trevor Brown. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Rt.Hon.the Viscount and Lady Campden).

Calendar Front Cover - EXTON HALL, Exton, Rutland. Watercolour by Trevor Brown, reproduced by Kind Permission of the Rt. Hon. The Viscount and Lady Campden
Exhibitions and Other News

During the Winter/Spring of 2019 / 2020 we are mounting an exhibition of paintings for sale in the inner gallery of Victoria Hall in Oakham High Street, which is open to the public on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays approx.9.00am until 4.00pm (when the plantsman and Hall Trustee John Snell mans his stall outside). Other artists also exhibit in this space as part of the hall’s Pictures For Pleasure.. An information notice is posted up near our Oakham Art Group works should anyone wish to make a purchase, and prices are mostly well below £100. Or you can use the CONTACT US button above. Our Victoria Hall winter exhibition is set to run from Tuesday 12th November 2019 until the Spring of 2020, with the best access between the times above.

Our Summer 2019 Exhibition was held from Aug 30th to Sept 18th at Stamford Arts Centre. Twenty of our thirty members exhibited and 14 paintings were sold. We hope to return to this heavily pre-booked venue for a summer fortnight in 2021, having last secured a much sought after gallery booking there in 2016.

During our 2018 Summer Exhibition held in the Victoria Hall, Oakham, 12 works were sold and exhibition publicity resulted in several new members joining.

Occasionally we have local artists run demonstration sessions, and in November 2018 we engaged Peter Barker RSMA of Uppingham to paint in oils a winter frosty scene of a bend on the River Welland with rural fields, trees and telegraph poles in the misty background. His expertise with almost photographic detail in only about 90 minutes was very well demonstrated, as was his remarkable skill at filling in foliage and realistic detail only using a small part of the bristles of a one inch decorator’s domestic paint brush. Do visit his new gallery in Hope's Yard, Uppingham just off the High Street to see his truly fabulous paintings.